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Cat Fancier's Black Tie Show in White Rock, Surrey, BC Canada March 14.2015

Molly Emerald, News paper, featured Picture representing the

Cat Fancier's Black Tie, Cat show, in Surrey, BC Canada

March 14 & 15th, 2015

This was Molly's second show, she did extremely well

4th in Specialty Group, out of 20 cats

9th in Overall breeds, out of 40 cats.

We had a great time & thank all the exhibitors for welcoming this amazing breed & me to their show

The judges were so kind in pointing out the differences between the Canadian Sphynx and the Russian Peterbald. So much information.

Please attend your local Cat Shows, you will be amazed on how much information you can gather.

There were only myself & one other exhibitor showing Peterbalds. Three Peterbald cats in total at the show.

Such a rare breed of cat. Come out to meet us at the next show.

Latest comments

06.08 | 10:17

I am very interested in a peterbald kitten I can't find the process and price could u email me info thank u so much

27.07 | 18:07

I have a 3 year old female Sphynx and I would like to get a peterbald Sphynx if you have a red one in your litter

13.07 | 20:20

Hi, I am looking for a healthy Peterbald kitten. From what I can gather it looks as if you may have one female kitten you have a waiting list ?

06.03 | 23:39

I have been researching cat breeds. The peterbald is the breed I keep coming back to. I love the look of this feline. I prefer the short hair. Can you tell me

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