Cat Sweaters:  So you want to make a cat sweater.  So easy and fun to do.

 Like this one.
Here is how.  Take a nice white athletic sock and cut the toe off, cut the cuff down about 1 inch, then put 2 holes about 1 1/2" long on both sides (for arm holes).  or fold over the heal part to the edge of the sock, cut the heal part in half (as folded) not all the way to the edge, approx. 1/2-1/4 inch from edge.

You may have to sew a hem along the holes & the toe part you cut off, as this will unravel eventually.

See diagram.  Use the correct size sock for cat size (i.e. For adult cats use large & tall men's sock for smaller cats use kids socks.  

CAREFUL, older cats that are not used to wearing something might not like this.  
You can add decorations like buttons, but just be sure to sew them on well (or you can just paint them on with fabric paint).

BE WATCHFUL!  Don't let cats get tangled in their sock sweater.


This seasons lovely winter ensemble is simply called
"Basic Little Black Sock"


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06.08 | 10:17

I am very interested in a peterbald kitten I can't find the process and price could u email me info thank u so much

27.07 | 18:07

I have a 3 year old female Sphynx and I would like to get a peterbald Sphynx if you have a red one in your litter

13.07 | 20:20

Hi, I am looking for a healthy Peterbald kitten. From what I can gather it looks as if you may have one female kitten you have a waiting list ?

06.03 | 23:39

I have been researching cat breeds. The peterbald is the breed I keep coming back to. I love the look of this feline. I prefer the short hair. Can you tell me

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